5 teknik untuk menghancurkan persembahan anda!

1. Talk Too Long

"Nobody is as interested in you as you think they are," Gallo says. Most people listening to presentations tend to tune out after about 10 minutes, Gallo says, based on expert opinion and research in cognitive functions. So keep the presentation to less than 20 minutes.

2. Kill Your Audience with Bullets

"People who are experts in design say that bullet points are the worst way to learn and impart information," Gallo says. "Yet what is the standard template in PowerPoint? Title and bullets. The standard template makes it easy to be boring."

3. Fail to Rehearse

"I can't tell you how many times I work with executives who spend thousands of dollars on the actual presentation-in creating the presentation and on meetings to create it-and then they don't even rehearse it," Gallo says. "When you prepare and rehearse the presentation-out loud, over many hours and many days-you'll come across as much more engaging as a speaker and effortless."

4. Read from Your Slides

"Most presenters who are just considered average or mediocre are usually caught reading the text on their slides," Gallo says. This dreadful presentation technique ties into Gallo Rule #2. "When you place a lot of text on slides," he says, "naturally you want to read from them, so you turn your back to audience and you read from slides on the display."

5. Ignore Your Body Language and Vocal Delivery

"We know through research that 93 percent of the impression you leave on somebody has little to do with content and everything to do with body language and verbal ability-how you talk, sound, look and what you're wearing," Gallo says. "Only about 7 percent of the actual words or content is important."

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