Ten Official 2009 Technology Predictions

By Michael Janke.

Here they are:

Prediction 1: The rate of adoption of IPV6 will greatly accelerate.

Prediction 2: Gadget freaks will continue to search for the holy grail of multifunction all-in-one gadgets.

Prediction 3: Apple will announce a new product.

Prediction 4: Hardware and network vendors will continue making faster and cheaper bits at a rate that matches Moore's law.

Prediction 5: Disks will double in capacity.

Prediction 6: There will be a major security panic over some widely used but inherently insecure Internet protocol.

Prediction 7: Touch screen devices will continue to collect fingerprints.

Prediction 8: Sun Microsystems will rename two of their core technologies.

Prediction 9: Web Apps will continue to be deployed with a 1:1 ratio of new web applications to applications .

Prediction 10: Virtualization will explode.

More: http://lastinfirstout.blogspot.com/2008/11/jankes-official-2009-technology.html

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