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Web Design Tips: Add An Image Flip for More Sales

Consumers will judge your website mainly by the size, quality, and interactivity of the images you use. Adding a simple interactive feature—like a JavaScript image flip—may lend your store credibility and improve your conversion rates.

Consumers rely on an ecommerce site's aesthetics to gauge its credibility 46.2 percent of the time—more than any other factor—according to a joint Stanford University study of 2,440 people from 2003. Furthermore, to convert shoppers into customers, a virtual store must provide a very concrete impression of the products it sells.

A JavaScript Image Flip

There are several ways to improve your site's visual appeal and interactively. But for this edition of Web Design Tips, a recurring Practical eCommerce feature, I'll show you a simple script to spice up your store's product images and give shoppers a way to view several product pictures.

Let's imagine that we have three great product images. We want our customers to see large and clear versions of each image, but we don't want to clutter the product page with all three massive photographs. Instead, we choose one default picture, and place thumbnail images next to it on page. We'll use a JavaScript to flip the main image when a shopper hovers her mouse over a thumbnail.

This kind of image flip is widely used and has been around for more than a decade, so browser compatibility is not a concern. I've also produced a video tutorial, so you can see the script in action and follow along as I write the script in real time.

Summing Up

To a large extent, consumers will judge your store's trust worthiness by how visually appealing it is. Including an image flip like the one you've just read about will make a positive impression.

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